How to Make a Floating Candle Centerpiece

Light up your wedding with glowing submersible centerpieces.  Learn how to make a floating candle centerpiece with this easy to follow DIY video. Use faux orchids or your favorite silk flowers from for your DIY wedding centerpiece.
Floating Candle Centerpiece
Afloral brides have spoken and if there is a silk flower favorite it is definetly the submerged orchid centerpiece. You can create this look in just a few simple steps.
Submersible Centerpiece
Step 1: For the first step you will need to measure the stem against the vase.  Hold it up to the outside of the vase and use your wire cutters to clip off the access stem.  Place the flower in the vase to make sure it fits. Keep in mind that you will be adding several inches of vase filler so leave one or two inches at the top of the vase.  The faux orchids are on a wire stem so you can bend it a little to fit or cut off any additional stem.  After you are happy with the length of the flower in the vase you can remove it and set it aside.  
TIP- Submerge one of the flower heads in water for 24 hours prior to your event to be sure the dye does not bleed into the water. 
Submersible CenterpieceSubmersible Centerpiece
Step 2: Cover the bottom of the containers with vase filler.  We choose crushed glass but you could use sand, shells, pearls, stones, etc.  
Submersible Lights
Step 3: Next turn on the LED lights and add them to the bottom of the vase. 
TIP- The LED lights cannot be turned on/off once they are in the vase so do this right before the event. 
Submersible FlowersSubmersible CenterpieceSubmersible Lighting 
Step 4: Add the flowers to the vase.  Pour distilled water into the vase, leave about two inches at the top of the vase for the floating candle. 
TIP- Arrange the vases on the table before you add the water, they will be heavy!
Floating CandlesFloating Candle
Step 5: When you have your vases arranged on the table, add the floating candle and light it. 
Submersible Centerpiece
You now have a stunning floral centerpiece that will light up your event tables!

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