Choosing the Right Christmas Greenery for Your Holiday Decor

Choosing the Right Christmas Greenery for Your Holiday Decor

Exploring the Differences: Pine, Juniper, Cedar, Spruce, and Norfolk Pine

When it comes to choosing the right greenery for your holiday decor, understanding the differences between various types of evergreens can greatly enhance your decision-making. Afloral's artificial Christmas garlands, spray, wreath, and tree collections include botanical recreations of the following: pine, juniper, cedar, spruce, and Norfolk pine. Each brings its own unique characteristics, texture and aesthetic appeal. Let’s dive into the distinguishing features of these popular evergreens to help you make an informed choice:

Juniper Garland Mantel Decor


Juniper holiday decor is new to Afloral but is soon to become a staple. Like in nature, juniper's distinguishing characteristics are its dense, prickly foliage that can be either needle-like or scale-like, and small berry-like cones that are either green or blue. More of a cultivated distinguished aesthetic, Juniper is a good match for a traditional home as well as cape cod and colonial style homes.

Cedar Garlands


Our second most popular Christmas greenery, soon to become the next most popular, is our artificial Cedar collection. In nature and replicated in our collection, cedars are majestic evergreens with a broad, spreading canopy. They are known for their clusters of dark, shiny, needle-like leaves. Versatile and malleable, our cedar looks like it came right from the forest, freshly cut. This collection is the largest, with sixteen pieces to choose from, from outdoor UV-treated wreath and garland bundle to small garlands and picks for the nooks and crannies that could use some holiday cheer. Without drying out or shedding, our garlands last year after year to become part of your holiday decorating tradition.

Artificial Spruce for Holiday Decorating


Spruce is ideal for the holidays with its conical shape and dense, short needle-covered branches. The needles of a spruce are stiffer than the other pines and have a bluish-green color, excellent for holding ornaments. Our spruce collection consists of a real touch dramatic 51" branch that looks lovely styled alone and two garlands, one lit with LED lights and the other longer and easy to hang and decorate.

Norfolk Pine Holiday Decorating

Norfolk Pine

Our most popular pine collection that includes the following garlands: an original 60", a 180", and a deluxe 96" garland, a wreath, a spray, and a tabletop tree. These are great alone or styled with complimentary stems such as berries or mixed picks.
Inspired by nature, the Norfolk Pine is not a true pine. Native to Norfolk Island in the Pacific, our Norfolk is popular due to its symmetrical shape and soft, upright needles. It features soft, draped branches with evenly spaced groups of leaves, giving it a distinct tiered appearance. The complimentary pieces in the collection bring a cohesive look throughout your home during the holiday season.

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