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Why Say "Yes!" To Artificial Wedding Flowers

When someone says 'artificial plants' or 'fake flowers,' what's the first thing you picture? Do you imagine super waxy-looking leaves with apparent seams, droopy and unraveling fabric blooms, and disturbingly plastic details? Thankfully - sad fake flowers are a thing of the past.

There's still quite a bit of a stigma around using fake plants and flowers for a wedding, which is unfortunate. Artificial plants these days are not like your grandma's faux bouquets. Today, many artificial plants and flowers come with exceptional delicacy, care for accurate details, and an authentic touch, making it almost impossible to distinguish faux from real.

When it comes to your wedding, why use artificial plants and flowers? Because the world of artificial plants has come such a long way! Let our Afloral designers tell you what the new artificial flower landscape looks like and why they are the right choice for you.

Fake Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Memories Should Last

While we agree fresh flowers are beautiful, they are fleeting. Certain plants and flowers bloom and grow during certain seasons, and some only last days. Once picked and cut and placed in a wedding bouquet, table centerpiece, or boutonnieres, they have a limited time before they begin to wither and fade. Your wedding is an occasion that is ultimately precious and a time to be remembered. The flowers, the plants, the bouquets, and the centerpieces create an unforgettable ambiance or theme for your special day. We think you deserve to be able to preserve the memory of that day in all aspects, including the plants and flowers.

Artificial flowers aren't just built to be stunningly realistic these days but are also endlessly versatile and ruggedly durable. Unlike genuine blooms that can get damaged in transportation, a too-harsh breeze, or crumpled by accident—artificial plants and flowers can withstand all these things and more.

Need to pack your bouquet for transport? No problems, toss it in and go, and then unpack—fluff the petals and zhuzh up the leaves, and good to go! Bent stems? Real flowers with bent or unusual stems can become a hassle to arrange; with artificial just bend the stem back, and voila! Fixed!

And because artificial plants are so well made, they last for years. Not only can you enjoy your gorgeous wedding bouquet on your big day, but you can enjoy it for decades as an in-home flower arrangement. Artificial flowers used in centerpieces can also become keepsakes for your family and guests or be entirely reused again and again for your home décor, craft projects, or anything you can think of.

Fake Wedding Flower Bouquet

Some ideas of what can be done after a wedding with faux flowers:
• Donate your blooms to local community aid, hospital, senior living homes, and women's shelters if they accept flower donations.
• Repurpose them to use as décor for your home. Break them down and create an array of different centerpieces in different sizes for different seasons or occasions.
• Gift them to loved ones and friends or the wedding party to show them how much you appreciate their support.
• Turn them into art! Frame your faux blooms and plants to make an eye-drawing statement piece that helps you remember your wonderful day.
• Make a wreath or two to decorate the doors in your home.

Sneeze and Itch Free

Pollen allergies are no joking matter. Some symptoms include runny, stuffy nose, sneezing, itching eyes, nose, ears, or mouth, red and watery eyes, and even swelling around the eyes! Imagine as the bride-to-be on your big day struggling through your allergies to hold a bouquet or worse—runny mascara and puffy eyes in wedding photos.

If you have guests that have a pollen allergy, they may have to bow out depending on how severe they are. What about the best man, the bridesmaids, and the family? Will they be able to hold onto their flowers or wear their boutonnieres for the entire ceremony without their eyes watering or sneezing? 

Skip any worries about allergies or ill-timed sneezes with artificial plants and flowers. Faux blooms are 100% allergen-free, meaning there's no pollen to worry about or any irritation, allowing you, your family, and guests to enjoy bounteous greenery and flower splendor without allergy meds and multitudes of Kleenex.

Fake Wedding Flower Bouquet and Bride

Environmental Impact

When you purchase artificial plants and flowers from a reputable, sustainability-conscious company, you choose to invest in a reusable and thoughtful product. At Afloral, we understand fake flowers and plants impact the environment. We also only source products we believe are true botanical recreations, art that can last for years. We’re proactive in sourcing faux florals that are made from recycled and bio-mass plastic whenever possible. For more information on our sustainability efforts, please visit our sustainability page.

While artificial plants still need to be transported from where they are made to facilities and stores worldwide, fresh-cut needs to go one step further. Along with being shipped by air to their destination, fresh-cut flowers and plants must be placed in refrigerated trucks during ground transportation. Most Afloral products are shipped by boat to lower emissions.

When you use artificial plants and artificial flowers for your wedding, you're using plants and flowers that utilize recycled materials. After the ceremony, you can recycle or upcycle them to be reused for countless occasions. 

So, what do you say? We think there are many fantastic benefits to using artificial flowers and plants for your big day! If you're ready to find gorgeous, timeless flowers and plants, Afloral is eager and willing to help!

Author Bio

Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.