How to Make an Artificial Flower Arrangement in a Compote Vase

How to Make an Artificial Flower Arrangement in a Compote Bowl

Whether you’re creating a centerpiece for your home decor or prepping your DIY wedding flowers, follow along to learn how to create a simple artificial flower arrangement with just a few steps!

Step 1: Choose Your Florals

Start by choosing a few different types of fake flowers; structural stems, focal flowers, secondary stems, filler flowers, and greenery. Choose a color palette and playoff either complimenting or opposing colors on the color wheel. Get this recipe here.

Step 2: Create a Structure for Your Florals.

For a compote vase arrangement, create a chicken wire ball or use a floral cage. Secure the ball or cage to your compote with tape.

How to Make An Artificial Flower Arrangement

Step 3: Start Your Shape With Structural Stems

Start your design with large or tall structural stems to create a base shape. Our designer chose stock or delphinium for this symmetrical design and placed the stems on opposite sides of the design. Next, build onto your structure with slightly smaller, medium-sized blooms. 

How to Make an Artificial Flower Arrangement in a Compote Bowl

Step 4: Place Your Focal Flowers

Start to incorporate medium-sized blooms and choose either a focal point or go for a more wild, carefree design. Our designer decided to include several medium wildflowers for an untamed arrangement.

Step 5: Add Filler Flowers and Greenery

Fill out your arrangement with smaller complimenting blooms and artificial greenery stems. Allow your design to breathe, don’t overcrowd the base.

How to Make a Fake Flower Arrangement in a Compote Vase

Step 6: Add an Accent or Surprise

For extra dimension and texture, add something unexpected. For this arrangement, our designer chose to incorporate faux raspberries for a delicate and summery touch.

Step 7: Add Final Touches

Look at your arrangement from all angles and fill or cover any bare or sparse spaces. Don’t overcrowd, but try to cover any of the mechanics or bald spots you may have missed. Once you feel the arrangement is complete, enjoy it forever!