Early Spring 2023 Newsletter

Early Spring 2023 Newsletter

As winter surrounds us, blanketing our homes with soft layers of snow and brisk winds, we’re looking toward the sun and its gentle reminders that Spring is just around the bend. Light dancing through windows, the rhythmic drip of ice melting from the tree tops, and the joyous song of birds sunbathing at first light center us in nature’s cycle - a new season has arrived. 

The Product: The Afloral Compote and Candle Holder Bundle

For many lovebirds, January is the first page of a new book - engagement. A time when love glistens over everything, and the planning of a big day is top of mind. For all our new fiances - congratulations! We’ve been thinking of you.

Inspired by the bride who knows what she wants, and that’s to keep it simple, we designed our new line - the Afloral Compote and Candle Holder Bundle. The collection features a medium-sized compote vase (perfect for a sweetheart table) and two candle holders. Designed in a classic white, a subtle grey, and a light ecru - three neutral tones that compliment any floral color palette - the Afloral Compote Collection is the go-to base for building out your dream wedding tables. 

Below are a few of our favorite floral combos, including artificial roses and peonies. Follow along for inspiration, and sign up for our wedding newsletter. We feature tips, trends, and discounts for your big day!

Afloral Wedding Compote Collection
Afloral Compote Collection with Peonies and Roses

The Article: Decorating with Spring Branches

Last Winter, as the snow gently shed into Spring and budding branches began to unfurl, our team soaked up nature’s shift and got to work designing our new line of fake branches. Inspired by early blooms, the gentle arc of fresh sprigs, and sweet shades of cream and yellow, our new line replicates nature’s rebirth, a time to refresh. 

We designed these new faux branches for drama -  tall, fully wired, and the perfect accent for your kitchen or entryway. We then paired them with our favorite vases, bending and manipulating every stem to create organic lines and architectural interest. To learn how to style these Spring stems, follow along in our latest Journal entry, “Fresh Décor With Artificial Spring Branches.” 

Afloral Artificial Spring Branches
Afloral Fake Spring Branches

The Sustainability Update: 70% Plastic-Free Packaging

This past year we’ve made radical changes to our business. We’ve removed over 70% of plastic packaging from our vendors and will ship 95% plastic-free by 2024. We’ve swapped cellophane sleeves for unbleached Kraft paper, removed plastic bubble wrap and air pillows from our packaging, and switched to paper tape. We’re working to remove the 30% plastic packing from large vase molds made from styrofoam and cellophane sleeves on a few of our dried floral products. We’re finding natural solutions for vase molds that protect our heavy vases in transit. Our team has marked all products shipped in plastic on individual product pages.

Afloral Sustainable Packaging
Afloral Sustainable Packaging

Outside of vendor packaging, we've taken several steps to lower our shipping footprint. For example, we've introduced a new box suite made from unbleached recycled cardboard designed to decrease volume and secure our florals. This change has lowered the number of boxes we ship and the number of packages returned due to product damage. For more information on our sustainability efforts, please read our sustainability page

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Author Bio

Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.