Shining a Light on The Best Faux Plants for Dim Spaces

Shining a Light on The Best Faux Plants for Dim Spaces

Artificial plants because not everyone lucks out on having the ideal picture window in their home, floor-to-ceiling windows in every room, or the dreamy reading nook overlooking a bright garden. When faced with a room with low to little light, you may have tried several ways to brighten it up, such as mirrors and little fairy lights, bright area rugs, and even painting the walls white. Yet, if you live or work in such a room, you may feel like something is not quite right.
Where do you turn if a space with low light still feels too cold and dark for you after trying multiple tips and tricks to brighten it?
Our florists and experts at Afloral as excited and eager to share our knowledge with you! Here are our top five faux plants to create authentic elegance in low-light spaces bound to lighten it up!

 Why Turn to Fake Plants for Low Light Areas?

Plants are one of nature's finest art pieces, enhancing any space, inside or out. We can't deny we love everything about plants at Afloral. They're graceful, charming, beautiful, and calming. Yet, fresh plants need a lot of care and attention and can often be challenging to maintain. If you've ever looked at someone's garden or fresh-cut flowers in someone's home, sighed, and said out loud or to yourself that you wish you could have plants in your home but haven't the time—there's a solution. That solution is artificial plants!

We believe everyone deserves the beauty of nature in their home, no matter their time constraints, talent, or know-how. There are so many benefits to choosing faux botanicals!

1. Realistic. There are still some outdated preconceptions of what an artificial plant should look like: rubbery or overtly shiny, obvious plastic with visible seams, or see-through leaves with unraveling strings. Our artificial florals are created with attention to every accurate detail and the most outstanding care to look stunningly life-like. Thanks to today's technology, we can create faux flowers replicating the feel, texture, and vivid color of live florals.
2. Maintenance-free. You never have to worry about forgetting to water, moving a plant into the sun, balancing soil, and all the other small things needed with natural plants. Plus, artificial florals can last for years, and the only care they need is to be kept dust free.
3. Always available. No matter the season, time of year, or temperature, you never have to worry if your favorite floral is in season.
4. Unrestricted. Natural plants need specific amounts of sunlight and often need to be placed in certain areas of your home. Artificial plants have no restrictions on where you want to display them!
5. As we continuously strive to make eco-conscious decisions, we're working hard to become a 95% plastic-free vendor, with eco-consciously sourced dried and preserved florals and reusable artificial products created from recycled materials whenever and wherever possible. Not only are you helping to protect the environment when you decorate with Afloral, but our high-quality artificials can also be reused again and again for years.
6. Broke a vase? Have you cracked a plant pot? Want to freshen up an arrangement or change it up? With artificial botanicals, you can enjoy hassle-free repotting and rearranging without worrying about fussy plant wilting.
7. Have pets? Whether your pet is a plant nibbler or a sassy cat that loves pawing things off the counter, you don't have to worry about recovering a delicate live plant from a smashed vase or whether or not your furry friend is eating a toxic floral.


Hanging Tradescantia House Plant

entrance faux flowers


Lift up Your Entryway

In a perfect world, our front entryway, the first thing friends, family, and guests see as they enter our home, would have plenty of natural light. Unfortunately, the world and our entryways aren't always perfectly placed. Whether you are without windows in your door or around it, or it can't get enough sunlight, our front entrances sometimes look dim and dark.

A faux-hanging Tradescantia House Plant may be the perfect entryway addition to uplift your front entrance. Tradescantia houseplants have lovely variegated leaves and make a beautiful, understated statement in hanging baskets allowed to trail or in striking vases.


Lighting up the Laundry Room

laundry room

Laundry rooms can often be low-light, small space that feels cold or cluttered with less-than-relaxing atmospheric décor. It's as easy as tucking our faux Tradescantia in your favorite pot or vase and letting its gorgeous leaves liven up the shelves or any space inside!


Hanging Real Touch Pothos House Plant

Artificial Hanging Pothos Houseplant

For Any Room, Office, or Business Space

We love our hanging Real Touch Pothos house plant for a tropical touch to a low-light room! Big, abundant, glossy leaves give any corner, nook, or space a lush feel. You can be as playful as you wish when arranging our pothos. Have it elegantly drape to the side, run across arches, over a hanging piece of wall art, or cover the side of a shelf for a wild, organic-inspired style.


Other Low-Light Spaces Perfect for Faux HousePlants

What other plants do we love to use to freshen up low-light spaces?

greenery on coat closet

Natural Touch Ruscus Hanging Branch - Ruscus plants, with their gracefully long stems and bright evergreen look, are an ideal choice to bring a touch of lightness to any dark space. Italian Ruscus is incredibly ethereal with its smaller, feathery-shaped leaves.
• Speaking of tropical, please take a moment to look at our faux-hanging Philodendron! This visually exciting and arresting artificial plant showcases the natural variation in tender heart-shaped leaves and authentic shades of vibrant, luscious green. We think Philodendrons are flawless for low-light rooms such as a work or at-home office or a bedroom needing a pop of warmth and color.
When we add plants to our lives, natural, dried, or artificial, we're adding and welcoming the beauty of nature into our lives. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to enjoy gorgeous flowers and plants. We hope we've been able to spark some inspiration for you! Have you tried any of our plant suggestions in a low-light room? We'd love to see them! Tag us on social media, and remember to follow us for more tips, tricks, news, and ideas to make your world bloom.

Author Bio

Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.