Traditional Flower Arrangement with Fake Magnolias

Traditional Florals for a Traditional Home Décor

Some want a modern, sleek, minimalist, or hygge design in their home, but many of us will always adore traditional décor. It is one of the home's most popular, enduring design styles, yet it often gets dismissed. Traditional interior design is a brilliant and effective means to decorate your home with timeless grace, comfort, and gorgeous natural woods while highlighting favorite eras and design movements.

Whether you adore vintage, antique, or antique reproductions, the traditional style of décor is a tried-and-true look that is constantly evolving. This style allows homeowners to enjoy a lasting look, even when mixing and matching more modern features.

What is Traditional Décor?

Traditional home décor is about looking for design inspiration from history and the past. Perhaps it's decorating with beloved family heirloom furniture and items passed down, or maybe it's a rewarding years-long collection of vintage, retro or antique items—even high-quality reproductions. These treasured pieces often bring home an ambiance of rich heritage and eternal charm to every room.

Traditional home décor may consist of many different regional styles from the past. Here are just a few examples of classic types:

• Mid-Century Modern, which was popular during the 1940s
• William and Mary
• Queen Anne
• Georgian
• Chippendale
• Hepplewhite
• Sheraton and Adam
• Neoclassicism: the revival of ancient Greek and Roman aesthetics
• Federal Style
• Empire Style
• Rococo, Gothic, or Renaissance Revival
• Victorian

As you can see, a wealth of different motifs, styles, and designs can account for Traditional Décor, but what is the general cohesiveness of these various traditional styles, and what is a typical palette style?

Common Themes and Color Palettes for Traditional Décor

Traditional décor includes comfortable furniture, and symmetry, paired with warm tones and colors but generally steers clear over too much ornamentation. There may be a touch of formality, such as mahogany or oak wood, velvet, upholstered, or large furniture. Other details may include ceiling medallions, decorative doors, crown molding, or wainscotting.

The most popular color palettes include:
• Cream
• White
• Beige

What Kind of Florals Would Match Traditional Home Décor?

The Ranunculus Flower

Afloral Artificial Ranunculus Flowers
This flower drew the attention of the Ottoman Empire, which planted these bulbs in their gardens. In the 17th century, it grew in the gardens of Sultan Mohammed IV and achieved a worldwide reputation for representing charm and beauty.

Faux ranunculus flowers in white, peach, beige or soft pink are a solid choice for a harmonious floral arrangement for a home decorated in vintage, antique or traditional décor. The wonderful thing about ranunculus flowers is that they can be arranged with almost any other blooms or greenery due to their small, delicate flowers.

Afloral Artificial Ranunculus Flowers

Which of our florals do our experts recommend?

• Real Touch Faux Ranunculus in Peach
• Artificial Ranunculus Flowers in White
• Soft Pink Artificial Ranunculus Flowers
• Beige Real Touch Ranunculus Flowers

We enjoy pairing them with other florals perfectly matched for a traditional home, which we showcase below.

The Rose

Rose painting or rosmålning is a Scandinavian decorative folk painting that flourished from the 1700s to the mid-19th century, particularly in Norway. Rose painting was used to decorate church walls and ceilings, then spread to more common items. Roses and rosettes were a popular motif found in many highly-prized antique furniture pieces and décor and are excellent for recreating a Victorian-era look. Artificial roses are a classic decorating element that remains ageless and are still a staple of English Country interior décor and Cottage core trends.

Afloral Real Touch Fake Roses

Our perfect picks for traditional home décor rose arrangements we think you'll love are:

• Real Touch Open Dutches Ross in Blush
• Lavender Real Touch Dutchess Rose
• Real Touch Rose in Cream Peach

The Peony

There are many tales surrounding the peony flower over the ages. One story accounts that the name originated from the Greek word Paeon. In Greek mythology, Paeon was a physician to the gods who angered his teacher, Asclepius, after extracting liquid from the root of a peony that cured Pluto. Asclepius was so jealous that he threatened to kill his apprentice, whom Zeus saved, by turning Paeon into a beautiful peony.

Peonies are estimated to date back to at least 1000 BC, found in the gardens of China. By the 8th century, they had reached Japan, and by the early 1800s, tree peonies were brought to Europe.

This conventional flower is a perfect choice for traditional décor. The artificial peonies we adore seeing in these interiors as arrangements are:
• Dusty Peach Real Touch Peony
• Real Touch Peony in Lavender
• Real Touch Blush Peony

Afloral Artificial Peony Flowers

Arranging the Florals and Pairing Suggestions

These lovely blooms can be arranged for an elegant statement in any part of your home or set together for an attractive, alluring centerpiece befitting any traditional home décor.

Should you feel that you need something extra or entirely different, please don't discount the beauty of our artificial spring branches either. Whether just budding or florals of tender green, spring branches are flawless alone or paired with the above blooms of your choice.

white flower gray vase

But how do you pair them all?

• Choose a rustic yet stylish white ceramic urn vase with handles or a terra cotta urn vase with handles for that old-fashioned look, effortlessly blending with Victorian, Farmhouse, Cottage-core, and almost any trending traditional décor.

• A monochromatic (all one color) arrangement is ideal for the beginner when unsure. It may seem basic, but there is beauty and elegance in simplicity! Pair your favorite blooms of all one color, with the smaller blooms as filler and the larger flowers closer to the top and center of the piece to draw the eye.

• White ranunculus flowers with white roses and a pop of color either with blush peonies or lavender dutchess roses.

• For all-over color, combine blush and peach blooms or all lavender blooms for a gorgeous swatch of beautiful purples.

• For greenery, consider a cream artificial blossom branch, the classic eucalyptus, either silver dollar, green-grey, moss green preserved, or seeded. Additionally, our blush real touch peony cream peonies come with artful greenery that can do in a pinch.

When it comes to pairing florals with your traditional home décor, Afloral is excited to be able to help! We want to see what you've come up with! Share and show us your arrangements by tagging us on social media, and don't forget to follow us for more inspiration and design ideas for every occasion!

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Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.