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Add Warmth to Any Home Décor With Preserved Grass Bundles

When we decorate a space, we often love adding many textures and components for full impact. Many interior designs turn to favorites such as wood, fabrics, and furs—but at Afloral, we also love turning toward the possibly unexpected: dried grasses!

We are hooked on our magnificent selection of preserved and dried grasses because we have yet to find a space where they don't fit. Grasses are so versatile that they work in any home décor, for any occasion, season, or even a significant event. Have you found a side table, coffee table, nook, or corner of a room that feels a little bare? Are you craving more interest in one of your home's areas? Styling preserved grass bundles is a quick and easy interior decoration addition to add visual allure and curiosity in moments.


Why Choose Preserved Grass Bundles?

If your lifestyle is fast-paced, you may not have the time and commitment to care for a natural plant. Additionally, you may not have time for complicated arrangements and floral designing. Preserved grass bundles are your answer to natural greenery in your home and are as easy as one, two, three!

1. Find a preserved grass bundle you love.
2. Add the grasses to your favorite vase.
3. Enjoy! No need for styling or trimming if you don't want to.
The best part is that your grass bundle arrangement won't need optimal sunlight, constant watering, or worries about soil, pH balance, and other details demanding plants may need. Plus, turning a bare-looking surface into something sophisticated can take seconds.


 Pampas Grass

pampas grass in a black vase

Pampas Grass is an ornamental grass known for its long, graceful stalks with gorgeous feather-like plumes. Pampas grass is organic and, when undyed, a perfect neutral shade that works well in any interior design setting. Pampas grass is visually striking thanks to its dramatic elegance and is excellent for texture. Even better? Preserved pampas grass, when correctly cared for, can last for decades!
But how would you style them as part of your home décor? We're so glad you asked!


Neutral Perfection

Whether you merge Mid-Century Modern with Scandinavian or futuristic minimalism, you may wonder how to add warmth. Creating an inviting and relaxing room, we believe, is as simple as reaching for a pampas grass bundle. One of the most uncomplicated ways to add a splash of inspired color is to use large floor vases filled with pampas grass bundles. Incredibly fantastic for enhancing any neutral color palette, pampas grass is innovative sophistication at its finest.
Are you looking to warm up cool corners, countertops, shelves, or smaller side tables? Our bud vases and a single plume of preserved pampas grass make for an ideal empty nook and corner décor.
Pampas grass is also always lovely when paired with low-set furniture.


Dried Indian Rice Grass

living room vase


Taking The Edge Off

Organic interior design and softer, rounder shapes are often a favorite for homes. Circular, round shapes evoke comfort while promoting good conversation and communication. Everything from dining room tables to sofas and chairs can be circular.

However, sometimes our homes may have a few brutalist or modern, sharp edges and sleek lines within their architecture. How can you soften these harsh lines? With a bundle of Dried Indian Rice Grass for an airy white with a natural green timeless look.

Ask any expert landscaper what their go-to is to soften walls, paving, and other hardscapes, and they'll no doubt tell you they plant ornamental grasses, with Indian Rice Grass one of their go-to elements. There's no reason why we can't take this indoors as well. Keep your space from feeling cold and uninviting while softening the atmosphere quickly with your favorite vase and a bundle of dried Indian Rice Grass.


German Statice

dried vase



Cozy Cottages or Farmhouse Warmth.

For those who love vintage, cottage-core, bohemian, or even farmhouse interior décor, never fear. We do have the perfect dried bundle awaiting you. Please take a moment to look at our stunning Dried German Statice. The motif of wildflowers has long been prevalent in many classic interior design trends and continues to be beloved by many. German Statice in a rustic table vase flows seamlessly into cottage charm spaces of small prints, other florals, and quilted blankets.
Some easy suggestions are to pair a distressed vase with a bundle of Dried German Statice, a glass vase, and even a mason jar. For visual appeal, ensure that you have differing heights, positioning your dried German Statice top, middle and low to create a beautiful, organic shape.
Are you looking for something with a little more color? Or perhaps you want to pair something with the German Statice for a bit of contrast? Look no further than our Dried Santa Cruze Oregano. Not only do these delicate, shivery blooms look amazing, but they also smell divine as well! Mix and match to create a mixed bouquet with the German Statice, bundle them in their vase, or use them as a statement piece with a mono stem in a bud vase.


 Green Amaranthus

green dried vase

If you love understated drama, our Dried Green Natural Amaranthus bundle will amaze and delight you. Unlike Hanging Amaranthus, the show is all upright here, and this bundle makes for a fascinating centerpiece no matter your home décor or where you choose to display it. With its cheerful, almost lime-green color still preserved, any composition you prefer to create will bring fresh, unconventional nature to your spaces.

When creating an ornamental grass arrangement, there's no limit to the combinations that create visually arresting pieces. If you don't like the look of a uniform stem design, we highly encourage you to create a bouquet from each of our favorite dried grasses listed above and combine them with our beautiful dried flowers.
One of the things we adore about preserved grasses is how the composition of a piece can be as fuss-free as you like. If you don't want to, there's no need for trimming—our bundles are ready to go as soon as you find the right vase for each. Would you love to know more about our dried and preserved grasses or flowers? Please feel free to reach out to us or follow us on social media for creative ideas and to spark your floral ideas.
Did you make an ornamental grass bouquet? We would love to see it!

Author Bio

Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.