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DIY Create and Repurpose Bouquet

Do you just love the foraged, wild flower look? Then this DIY is for you! Our friends on Ruffled Blog are giving you the full breakdown on how to make this exact bouquet using silk florals, and then will show you how you can reuse the same florals from the bouquet as an arrangement in your home!

DIY Create and Repurpose Bouquet


Wire Cutters
Floral Tape
Floral Foam
Vase for repurposed arrangement

Bouquet Recipe:
1 Amaranthus Spray, 1 Bundle of Preserved Amaranth, 2 Leaf Sprays, 1 Eucalyptus Spray, 3 Roses, 1 Button Mum Spray, 1 Wild Spider Mum Spray, 2 Ranunculus Stems, 2 Peony Stems, 1 Cosmo Spray

DIY Create and Repurpose Bouquet

Step 1: Prep your faux florals by using the wire cutters to trim the stems a few inches longer than what you think your bouquet should be. This way, once the bouquet is completely assembled it is easiest to trim the stems all at the same length.

DIY Create and Repurpose Bouquet

Step 2: Pick 2-3 flowers to use as the focal points of your arrangement (these are usually the largest blooms), and loosely alternate by adding greenery and smaller florals as accents and fillers!

DIY Create and Repurpose Bouquet

Step 3: Add the leaves to the ends of the bouquet to give it a spray effect. Remember to keep your bouquet multidimensional so it looks good from all angles! Add the dried flowers last, sprinkling them throughout the bouquet to add texture. The yellow hanging amaranthus was the finishing touch, adding 1-2 sprays to the bottom of the bouquet.

DIY Create and Repurpose Bouquet

Step 4: Hold your stems together with floral tape, cover the tape by adding ribbon, and trim the ends of the stems so that they are even.

The fun part about unruly bouquets is just that – there are no strict guidelines on how they should look, and better yet, using faux flowers means you can tweak it later if you feel like it.. And we're going to do just that! 

Repurpose Your Bouquet

DIY Create and Repurpose Bouquet

Your bouquet can be used as a silk flower centerpiece once the wedding day is over! Reusing your silk flowers as an arrangement in your home is such a great reminder of your special day.

Place your bouquet in the vase for an everlasting arrangement. For a firm hold on your arrangement, you may need to trim the stems and secure them in floral foam at the bottom of the vase.

This DIY is featured on Ruffled Blog. Photographed by Sophie Mathewson Photography.

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