DIY Floral Frame with Escort Cards

DIY Floral Frame with Escort Cards

Looking for a beautiful way to display your wedding escort cards? We've got just the thing for you! Below, we've provided a DIY tutorial on how to make a rustic-themed floral frame that will help keep your wedding day beautiful and organized!


Step 1: Take 2 pieces of floral foam and place them on the corner of the wood frame. Cut the pieces of foam to mimic the corner shape of the frame. 

Step 2: Continue by cutting your foam in half, vertically.

Step 3: Cut the inner side of the 2 foam pieces to mimic the shape of the wood frame. 

Step 4: Use a hot glue gun to glue the floral foam pieces to the top right and bottom left of the frame.

Step 5: Starting on the upper right corner of the frame, trim the 2 largest blooms, leaving approximately 1.5-2" of stem to push into the floral foam. We used a purple fuchsia Rose bloom and a green Echeveria succulent.

Step 6: Insert the stems into the center the foam, as the focal points!

Step 7: Continue trimming and adding more flowers, surrounding the focal flowers until the green foam is covered. We used light pink Cherry Blossoms and blue Agapanthus blooms to cover the outer edges of the foam. And then add a purple fuchsia Rose bud to fill the rest of the empty space and add a touch of uniformity!

Note: If you choose to use Agapanthus, trim it where the branch meets the stem.

Step 8: Make sure to cut some stems at longer lengths (3-4") so that it creates depth. We chose purple Scabiosa blooms to bring in more color and interest.

Step 9: Then, we chose to use forsythia to create a whimsical effect. Cut the forsythia stems so that when pushed in the foam, it will lay overtop of the rest of the exposed wood frame.

Step 10: Start on the lower left corner of the frame. Again, begin with the largest bloom. We chose to use the same Scabiosa as we used in the top arrangement. Leaving 1.5-2" of stem.

Step 11: Continue with smaller flowers/branches for the lower left corner. We used the green Eucalyptus spray to cover the majority of the floral foam, using two 4-5" pieces. Then we added the green/grey Succulent picks on each side of the focal bloom, blue Agapanthus spray to lay underneath the top of the focal flower, and the yellow Forsythia branch to create a whimsical effect.

Step 12: With the floral frame complete, begin writing out your escort cards. We used our gold framed place cards.

Step 13: Attach the escort cards to the chicken wire by using mini wooden clothespins. Pin the cards sporadically or uniformly. Also, use your preference in the number of cards per frame. 

There you have it! This floral frame is a perfect way to display your wedding escort cards. It can even be used as appealing home decor where you can showcase family photos or artwork. The options are endless for this rustic piece!

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