How to Make a Wedding Bouquet with Fake Flowers

How to Make a Bridal Bouquet with Fake Flowers

Creating your own wedding flowers? We've got you! Follow along as we show you the step-by-step process to create your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers.  Watch the full tutorial below first, shop the recipe for this specific bouquet here, and feel empowered to create your own!




We chose a neutral, romantic palette for this wedding bouquet but feel free to make it your own. You can find all of the blooms we used in the link we listed above. We also gathered up a sharp pair of scissors, and a ribbon to tie off the bouquet once we were finished. 

Before you start, lay out all of your flowers and separate them by bloom. Once the bouquet starts growing, this will allow you to easily grab flowers with one hand while holding together the bouquet with your other hand. Utilize the help of a friend if you think you could use the extra set of hands! 

Fake Flowers for Wedding Bouquet

Steps for Building the Bouquet

Step 1: Gather up a few of your pink mauve roses and use them as your base for the bouquet. Use floral tape to secure them together. 

Artificial Roses for DIY Wedding Bouquet

Step 2: Trim the greenery off of any stems that you feel necessary. You'll add additional greenery later so don't worry about saving the trimmings. Mix in your Real Touch Dutchess roses around the base and secure them with floral tape once they're in place. 

DIY Wedding Flower Bouquet

Step 3: Create some shape with your bouquet by building it out with your other blooms in clusters like we've shown below. Don't be afraid to move some things around if it doesn't feel right! Once everything is in its place, secure with more floral tape. 

Artificial Flowers Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

Step 4: Add in some greenery around the perimeter of the bouquet. We used 3 different kinds of eucalyptus for this bouquet. For this step, we added our green burgundy eucalyptus stems.  

Step 5: Establish the "front" side of your bouquet. Here, you'll add your lilacs in and don't be afraid to bend them a bit so they create a draping look. 

DIY Wedding Bouquet with Fake Flowers

Step 6: To make this bouquet really stand out, we chose a focal eucalyptus stem for added texture and shape. We used a silver dollar eucalyptus branch. Fill the perimeter with a few trimmings of this larger stem. 

Artificial Spiral Eucalyptus

Step 7: Once your flowers and your greenery are where you'd like them, secure the last stems with floral tape. Trim your stems down to one height, but make sure it's comfortable enough for you to hold. We left about 8 inches of stem. 

Step 8: For the final touch, take your ribbon and wrap it around the outside of the floral tape until it is unable to be seen. Tie it off with a bow and enjoy. After the big day is over, preserve your wedding memories with this forever-bouquet by simply dropping it in your favorite vase!

DIY Artificial Flower Wedding Bouquet


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