DIY Flower Chandelier

Follow along with Green Wedding Shoes and create a hanging, silk flower chandelier for your home, wedding, or party...

Metal Wreath Form
Floral Tape
Artificial Greenery 
Your favorite Faux Flowers

Step 1: Start by cutting/separating your greens that you want to fill the base with and tape along the wire piece with floral tape. We used one kind of green for this but a mixture would work too!

Step 2: Progress by filling with greens all the way around until full.

Step 3: Add some accent greens. We used heather bush to create a dangling + whimsical effect.

Step 4: Add some other accent greens on top, like hops, to give dimension and texture.

Step 5: Cut your focal flowers so they are about 2 inches long on their stem and tape or fasten down with glue on the chandelier. We chose 3 peonies as our focal flowers.

Step 6: Finish by adding other accent flowers around the edges. Then you can add your twine. We tied 3 pieces in a triangle shape so they equally held the chandelier upright. Also take into consideration how it will hang – onto a beam? by a nail? And measure length of twine accordingly.

Designed by Green Wedding Shoes with artificial flowers from

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