DIY Prom Corsage

DIY Prom Corsage with Artificial Flowers

Prom season is upon us and with it comes all the excitement and maybe even worries about getting ready for the special event. Let help by instructing you on how to create a corsage with this tutorial. We'll show you the steps to take and give you tips on what works best so you can successfully make your own design!

Prom Corsage DIY with Fake Flowers

Cuff Bracelet
Bouquet Jewelry
Artificial Flowers (That match your dress!)
Wire Cutters 
Glue Gun

Make Your Own Prom Corsage with Faux Flowers from Afloral

Step 1: Take your wristlet/bracelet/cuff and tie a ribbon around the top. Cut off the excess ribbon.

Tip: By tying a ribbon around the top you can avoid gluing directly to your wristlet/bracelet/cuff, this way you can reuse it for other events.

Create a Prom Corsage with Fake Flowers and a Cuff Bracelet
How To Make Your Own Artificial Flower Prom Corsage
DIY Step by Step Instructions to Make a Prom Corsage with Silk Flowers

Step 2: Create a bow, and using a hot glue gun, glue your bow to the ribbon on the wristlet.

Prom Corsage Step by Step Instructions Using Faux Flowers
How to Make a DIY Prom Corsage with Flowers and a Gold Cuff Bracelet

Step 3: Cut and glue on silk leaves to the exposed ribbon on the wristlet. You can pull these from your silk flower sprays or use corsage leaves. 

Tip: Hot glue does not adhere well to smooth non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, or plastic. Avoid gluing to these textures for a sturdy, long-lasting creation.

Prom Corsage Tutorial with Artificial Flowers
Silk Flowers Prom Corsage DIY

Step 4: Cut the flower head off of the stem. Then, take the flower head and glue it to the center of your bow.

Follow Along to Learn How to Make Your Own Prom Corsage
Learn How to Create a Silk Flower Prom Corsage
Learn How to Make an Artificial Flower Prom Corsage

Step 5: Add some sparkle to your corsage! We chose to add a faux crystal spray. Take your crystal spray and cut off a 3.5" piece. Cover the end in glue and stick it into the corsage under your flower head. Press down firmly to secure it's position.

Tip: It's best to have the longer hanging pieces along your outer arm, away from your hand.

DIY Prom Corsage with Fake Flowers and a Bracelet
Learn How to Create a Fake Flower Prom Corsage
How To Prom Corsage with Silk Flowers

Step 6: Glue more leaves underneath the bloom on the opposite side of the faux crystal spray to add balance.

How To Prom Corsage with Faux Flowers
Make a Silk Flower Prom Corsage with Hot Glue
Artificial Flowers and Green DIY Prom Corsage

Step 7: To give our corsage texture, we chose to add succulent blooms. Add the succulents to the side with the crystals, nestling them in between the flower bloom and the crystals to fill the empty space.

Prom or Wedding Corsage Step by Step How-To
Fake Flowers DIY Prom Corsage

Step 8: On the opposite side of the corsage, glue on more blooms to add balance. We chose ranunculus blooms to bring more color to our corsage.

Step by Step DIY Wedding or Prom Corsage
Prom Corsage with Artificial Flowers and Greenery
Artificial Flowers DIY Prom Corsage Wedding Corsage

Step 9: Add in a flare of elegance with a few white feathers. We glued a small feather near the ranunculus blooms.

Silk Flower Prom Corsage with Jewels
Tutorial for Faux Flower and Bracelet Prom Corsage
Artificial Flowers DIY Prom or Wedding Corsage
Jeweled Faux Flower Prom Corsage

Step 10: Finish off your corsage with a little more bling, we chose to trim down a bouquet jewel pick and glue it near the ranunculus blooms.

Use a Hairdryer to Dissolve Hot Glue Strands from Silk Prom Corsage
Silk Flower Prom Corsage Tutorial

Step 11: Run a hairdryer over your creation. This will dissolve any excess glue strings to create a neat, completed look.

How To Make Your Own Prom or Wedding Flower Corsage
DIY Prom Corsage or Corsage for Weddings

The best feature about this corsage is the ability to reuse the sparkly cuff. So when your night is done, you have the option of separating your corsage design from the cuff simply by cutting the original ribbon. Additionally, by using's artificial flowers, this corsage design is a forever keepsake of your prom night!

If you create your own DIY corsage (or even a matching boutonniere or flower crown), we would love to see it! Tag us in your images on Instagram with @Afloral or our hashtag, #afloral.

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