DIY Terrariums Using Live Succulents

Bring some life into your home decor by following this tutorial to create three separate terrariums for live succulents. These low maintenance plants are perfect home decor for a person that's always on the go.


Live Succulents
Live Air Plants
Natural Hydro Stones
Natural Soil
3 Terrarium Containers
Garden Gnomes/Figurines
Crystals, Geodes, & Stones

Step 1: Fill your terrariums with a 1/2 inch layer of hydro stones on the bottom for drainage. If you have chosen a terrarium container with a drainage hole, you may skip this step.

Step 2: Layer soil overtop of the stones. This layer should be 1.5 to 2 inches thick.

Step 3: Transplant the succulents into the terrarium. We chose to plant two succulents in our larger pedestal vase, one succulent in our house terrarium, and one succulent in our geometric terrarium.

To replant a succulent, take it from the pre-potted container and remove as much of the soil as possible without doing too much damage to the roots. Then use your fingers to create a hole in the terrarium soil and place the live succulent gently into the hole. Fill it in with the surrounding soil while leaving space between the soil and your succulent to prevent rotting.

Note: Succulents can be planted close together (less than 1.5 inches apart) or farther apart. The difference will affect the growing/spreading rate of the plant. Those closer together slows the growth rate which maintains the original arrangement. Farther apart allows for faster growth rates. 

Step 4: Add moss to the open spaces throughout your arrangement, or as you see fit. Your terrarium does not require moss for the health of your succulents, so simply add moss as a decorative accent!

Step 5: Add figurines and/or gems to give your terrarium character. We chose to feature our charming fairy garden figurines - gnomes and frogs, and small gems for a touch of glam!

Step 6: Another option is to add air plants for even more greenery and height. We chose to add a live air plant only to the house terrarium. However, since air plants and succulents have different watering needs, we chose to lay it atop of the moss. So not only is it visually appealing, it is also relevant to keeping the air plant healthy. The moss will prevent the air plant from getting its water from the soil which could lead to over-watering.

For more direction on how to keep your live succulents and air plants alive, be sure to visit the Afloral Blog for live succulent, air plant, and cacti care tips and instructions!

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