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Fall Bridal Bouquet

Follow along with Holly's Wedding Flowers and make your very own bouquet with fall flowers from Afloral.com.

To begin you will need to collect all of your materials.

This bouquet features a variety of artificial dahlias, roses, and ranunculus; as well as accents like berries and greenery.  You will also need floral tape, wire cutters and ribbon.  You can find all of the flowers used in this bouquet here

Start by gathering together several stems.  Bind them together with floral tape.

Continue adding stems to your bundle. Secure with floral tape after adding several stems to keep the stems in place.

Add accents, like eucalyptus, throughout the bouquet.  When you are happy with how your bouquet looks throughly wrap the stems with floral tape.

Trim the stems using your wire cutters so that they are all even. 

Finish your bouquet with your favorite ribbon.  Wrap the ribbon around the stems to cover the floral tape.  Secure with hot glue.

You now have a handmade fall bridal bouquet that will last forever!

If you make your own bouquet using these steps and Afloral.com artificial flowers we'd love to see it!  Please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral

Designed by Holly's Wedding Flowers | Photographed by Jay Adair