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DIY Celfie Vase Project

DIY Celfie Vase Project

Celebrate Mother's Day by creating this family friendly DIY project using the charming Celfie vases available at


Celfie Vases
Magnolia Branches
Queen Anne's Lace Bundle
Ranunculus Spray
Fern Picks
Floral Foam
Plant Stakes
Name Cards
Wire Cutters
Masking Tape

Step 1: Gather together a "family" of Celfie vases. Begin the Mother's arrangement by placing floral foam into the largest vase.  Push the filler flowers into the center of the foam.  We chose to use our Queen Anne's Lace bundle.  Fluff out the flowers, creating a fuller look, until it completely covers the opening of the vase.

Step 2: Trim and add the smaller silk blooms, pushing them into the center of the arrangement so that the blooms sit upright within the filler flowers. We used our Ranunculus stems in peach pink.

Step 3: Trim and add the focal flowers. We used silk Magnolia branches in blush pink and two-tone pink. Cut some stems shorter, while leaving others longer to give your arrangement height and dimension. Disperse them evenly throughout your arrangement, pushing the stems snuggly into your floral foam!

Step 4: Now, beginning on the arrangements for kids, add a small piece of floral foam and push a singular focal flower into the foam. We chose to use the same Magnolia stems as in the larger arrangement!

Step 4: Trim and add the filler flowers. We used berries in cream pink and green fern.

Step 5: Decorate the name cards to personalize your arrangements. Once the name cards are written out, tape or hot glue the name cards onto plant stakes. Cut the stakes to size and push them into the floral foam.

There you have it! A simple and fun DIY project to do with Mom this Mothers Day!

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