Dried Hydrangea and Fall-Dried Botanicals for your Home Spaces

Dried Hydrangea and Fall-Dried Botanicals for your Home Spaces

We're so excited to decorate for fall this year! Can you tell? Are you also eager to try new fall-themed botanicals for seasonal arrangements in your home? We adore using artificial and natural elements for fall décor. Today we'd like to focus on what you can do with naturally dried Hydrangeas and other fall-dried botanicals within your home.

There's so much versatility when it comes to home fall décor. We love using organic elements to create unique and striking seasonal décor. Dried Hydrangeas with other fall-dried florals or grasses are an effortless way to style your home spaces.

A Walk In The Forest Tablescape

When fall begins, our minds most commonly envision the color-changing landscape of forests, with the season's last greenery holding on while leaves turn red, gold, yellow, orange, and brown. There's an uncomplicated means to encapsulate that walk-in-the-forest during autumn feeling for your dining room—ideal, especially for family get-togethers, thanksgiving, or entertaining guests.

Arrange large blooms of Taupe-preserved hydrangea and mauve pink-preserved Hydrangea flowers within warm-toned vases like terra cotta, brass, or gold. Pair the preserved hydrangeas with dried bunny tails, a pop of deep fall purple with preserved Salal leaves, or dried Larkspur wildflowers for texture and variance. Experiment with stem length and various heights. Add a bit of drama by adding a draping preserved plant, such as green preserved Hanging Amaranthus or the excellent fall choice of burgundy preserved hanging Amaranthus. Consider setting the silverware within a shallow cut-glass plate or tray and using preserved bright green reindeer moss as a natural bed for resting salad and dinner forks, knives, spoons, and dessert spoons. Sprinkle or place a few natural pine cones or naturally dried fall gourds along the center of the table, and for a delightful touch--set preserved Scarlet Oak leaves as placeholders on plates or beside plates.

Use napkins with more subtle autumn hues like browns and beige-yellows to balance and keep visual interest in the foliage.

Minimal Yet Elegant

There's nothing easier than pairing dried Hydrangeas in your favorite vases with the bonus of not having to worry about watering. We love a bundle of Rose-clay dried hydrangeas with a statement vase, a white clay jug vase, a white matte ceramic Urn vase, or a creamy white round ceramic vase. Place warm-toned candle holders with natural beeswax Fluted pillar candles beside or around the simple dried hydrangea arrangement for symmetry. Should you have them, a dried gourd of two or even a faux pumpkin or two ties this elegant yet simple autumn bouquet and accessories together.

Dried Hydrangea

Repurpose Baskets

Fruitful, spilling-over cornucopias are a popular fall theme for many, but we like to take the traditional and place a bit of a twist on it. Do you have a few rattan, grass-woven, willow, or bamboo baskets you aren't sure what to do with? Fill them with beautiful dried hydrangeas. These dried hydrangea baskets can be placed on shelves, on a wall, table, china cabinet, or anywhere you wish to add a touch of fall décor.

Dried Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Did you know you can DIY a gorgeous fall-themed dried hydrangea wreath? If you would love to create one for your front door, inside or out, or to hang in your home, we're happy to share how easy it is to create your own.

What you'll need to gather:

  • Dried Hydrangeas in the color of your choice
  • A Grapevine wreath in the size you prefer.
  • Good scissors or pruning shears
  • Floral wire or a hot glue gun to affix stems to the wreath
  • Optional: additional dried florals, such as dried peach-silver Daisy flowers, dried Indian grass, dried fragrant lavender, naturally dried bunny tails, natural pine cones, dried gourds, or sprigs of white natural dried Tallow berries.

To affix the dried hydrangeas, you can keep it effortless by simply pushing the flowers through the wreath at an angle so they are somewhat secure, then gently keep filling the wreath until it's full of flowers how you like it. You can fill the entire wreath or leave two-thirds of it filled with the rest of the grapevine exposed for a more modern look.

You may also use a hot glue gun, especially if creating with multiple dried flowers, grasses, leaves, or gourds, for a stronger bond and to ensure your dried foliage remains in place.

Rustic Autumn Centerpiece

For another table centerpiece idea that seamlessly fits into rustic, farmhouse, cottage, cabin, or boho interior décor, you might fall in love with dried hydrangea arrangements within a paulownia wood tray trough.

What you'll need:

  • Tall candles encased in glass holders
  • Scissors or pruning shears
  • Agra-wool or angel vine for filler and arrangement
  • Hydrangeas in the color of choice or multiple colors
  • Moss green preserved Baby Spiral Eucalyptus
  • Optional: pine or cedar clippings from your backyard to help fill spaces if needed

To begin, place your votive candles within the paulownia wood tray trough evenly spaced or in good shape. Once set, use angel vine or agra wool, cut it to size, and pack it around the three candles to keep them in place. Next, begin taking your chosen dried hydrangea flowers around the candles. You may need to trim the dried hydrangea stems. Feel free to play with height variance as you spread the hydrangea blooms inside the trough.

Next, we'll fill out and cover any visible agra wool or angel vine by adding some greens, either moss green preserve Baby Spiral Eucalyptus, pine or cedar clippings from your yard, or both if you wish. We tend to lean toward the Eucalyptus as it brings a casual yet airy feel to the arrangement while filling in the trough beautifully.
Once you're happy with the placement, you can set out a stunning centerpiece for fall in your home.

Did you feel inspired by this article? Have you created any suggested dried Hydrangea and Fall botanicals for the home, or have you created something with Afloral's dried flowers and grasses? We would love to see what you've made! Please follow us on Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, or Tik Tok to show off your beautiful florals, and please tag us! We love seeing how you elevate your spaces!

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