Afloral holiday wrapping

How Afloral can Help You Wrap a Gift Beautifully

Whether Christmas is just around the corner or months away, it's never too late to learn an exciting and beautiful new way to holiday gift wrap! You might wonder how to turn something as simple as brown gift wrap into something bursting with holiday motifs and sweet-smelling nature capturing the season—well, wonder no more! We're here to show you and inspire you with all the beautiful ways you can spruce up (pun absolutely intended) and wrap your holiday gifts so that your loved ones will adore the wrap as much as the gift!

We'll go step-by-step over our favorite accents that the talented interior designer, stylist, and professional photographer Carley Summers showcased as she worked with us to create stunning holiday wrapping looks and how to wrap like a pro. Let's settle under the tree and dig in!

Why Kraft or Butcher Paper?

Kraft, or butcher paper, is not only an affordable gift wrap but also highly eco-friendly and can work for any occasion. It boasts a minimalist, chic look while also being a perfectly neutral color that allows any decoration you add to the gift to stand out. Kraft paper is also excellent for directly drawing on, adding stickers, and letting your kids help gift wrap by adding their signature or art to the paper. Most Kraft paper is made from recycled and recyclable materials and can be ordered in rolls of 100 feet or more, so it will last a long time—and wrap a lot of presents!

Choosing Accents

As shown in this video below, designer Carly Summer lays out several of her favorite holiday-themed gift decorations to create gorgeous wrappings.

If you would love to recreate Carly's stunning gift wrap, here's a list of everything used:
• Kraft paper
Artificial Juniper and Berry Winter Branch 
Artificial Natural Touch Cedar Pine 
Preserved Fragrant Juniper Bundle
Fake Cedar Greenery Branch
Preserved Asparagus Plumosus Fern 
Holiday Red Faux Silk Ribbon

You don't have to follow the above either! We encourage you to get as Christmas-creative as you like! We have an entire section ideal for holiday decorating and gift wrapping, so take a look and shop your style here.

What products, stems, branches, or florals can you choose for a glam Christmas look?

Here are some of our experts' favorites:

• Preserved citrus fruits like oranges or preserved apple slices. The tradition of oranges on Christmas day is captured with a preserved bright sunny piece, and the apple pieces are a vivid red that evokes memories of the season.

• Faux Cedar, Fir, Spruce, Juniper branches and berries, Fake pine branches with pine cones, and Artificial Winter Berries in various shades of merry red are all excellent choices for encapsulating the holiday spirit.

• Red and white faux silk ribbons or natural twine from your favorite craft store to keep with a more natural theme.

While it may be customary for you to want to pick a little bit of everything to put on a gift as an accent, we recommend remembering that less is more! Instead, consider two or three items that best represent the vision of holiday joy and color you want on a single gift and set them aside. To see how each piece looks before settling on a combination, lay them on a wrapped gift and adjust by moving or replacing elements of florals and preserved fruits until it looks and feels right to you.

Afloral Christmas Gift Wrapping
Afloral Christmas Gift Wrapping

Tools you Might Need

Before wrapping and affixing your floral accents and decorations, ensure you have everything ready.

• Gift boxes for the gifts
• Tape or double-sided tape
• Sharp paper scissors
• Kraft Paper
• Ribbon or twine
• Your Afloral accents
• Good artificial flower shears or heavy-duty wire cutters in case you need to trim your stems

Afloral Christmas Gift Wrapping

How to Wrap Like a Pro

Supplies? Check! Florals? Check! But wait—what if you're not excellent at gift wrapping? Never fear. Afloral's always got your back! Here's a quick and easy way to wrap using Kraft paper that will look amazing.

1. Place your gift box face down on your Kraft paper, leaving the paper attached to the roll. Use your scissors to cut the paper along one side, making it wide enough to cover both sides of the box.

2. Pull the paper tautly up and over the end of the box furthest away from you and adhere it with tape. Gently crease the paper along the box's edge with your thumb and forefinger.

3. Unroll your paper and bring it to meet the already wrapped end, then cut the paper from the roll, leaving an inch of overhang. Fold that inch under and crease, then adhere using tape.

4. To close the open ends, gently push the sides of the paper inward until they create four 45-degree angle flaps, then gently crease along the flaps.

5. Fold down the top flap of the side, crease along the top of the box, and crease once more where the paper meets the bottom edge. Cut along that bottom crease and tape the paper to the box.

6. If you have any excess paper on the bottom flap, fold it under so it lines up perfectly with the top of the gift box. Apply tape.

7. To close the other side, repeat steps four through six.
To affix your chosen Afloral combination stems, preserved fruits, or plants, arrange them where you would like them to be, then use your ribbon or twine to tie and secure them, or choose whichever method suits you to adhere them to the gift!
There are so many beautiful ways you can wrap your holiday gifts! We cannot wait to see what you've done! If you've used our stems and products to wrap this holiday season, we'd love to see them. Please feel free to tag us on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Youtube, and make sure to join us for more tips, tricks, and floral inspiration!"

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Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.