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The Best Fall Flowers for Indoor Décor

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it's time to bring the warm, inviting spirit of autumn into your home. Decorating with fall flowers is a fantastic way to capture the essence of the season.

Infuse your indoor spaces with cozy charm through artificial flowers, stunning stems, and garden favorites that continue to bloom late into the season. Here at Afloral, we offer elegant fall foliage to complete your autumn inspirations.

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How to Style Fall Flowers?

Fall is a season renowned for its rich and vibrant colors, representing harvest celebrations and sheltered safety as the weather turns cool.

The most popular colors for fall mirror the shades of fallen leaves: Yellow, gold, orange, purple, red, burgundy, brown, and taupe. To help compliment your autumn arrangements, we recommend gold, terracotta, and wooden accents. You might consider clay pots, metal candlesticks and wooden bowls alongside your decorative fall flowers to help accomplish a sophisticated style.

Decorating with artificial flowers helps accent your home with beautiful, low-maintenance styles. Artificial flowers help liven spaces where live plants can’t survive, and they can be used year after year for cost-effective décor.

Artificial stems come in a wonderful variety of colorful leaves, intricate flowers, or bountiful berries. Fall stems can unlock your creative charm and bring to life bold accent pieces anywhere in the home.

The 7 Best Artificial Flowers & Stems for Fall

1. Craspedia (Billy Buttons)

Craspedia, commonly known as billy buttons, are unique and charming spherical flowers that add a playful touch to any fall floral arrangement.

The distinctive yellow, globe-shaped blooms of billy buttons resemble tiny golden pom-poms, making them a delightful addition to your interior décor. Their long, slender stems are perfect for creatively arranging. Billy buttons are cherished for their quirky, cheerful appearance, often evoking a sense of joy.

Whether you're creating a vibrant bouquet or looking to add a pop of color to your home, Dried Craspedia Billy Buttons are a fantastic choice, bringing a touch of fun to your floral displays.

The best fall flowers for home decor, including billy buttons. | Afloral

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the quintessential symbol of sunshine and happiness.

When choosing artificial sunflowers for your indoor fall décor, many enjoy the classic yellow variety. Sunflowers may also come in deeper shades, such as burnt orange and burgundy, to align with arrays in the fall color palette.

These flowers are adored for their cheerful appearance and ability to instantly brighten up any room. Arrange artificial sunflowers in vases, hang sunflower wreaths, or incorporate them into table settings for a warm and welcoming ambiance to represent the fall harvest.

The best fall flowers for home decor, including sunflowers. | Afloral

3. Forsythia Branches

Forsythia branches, known for their bright yellow blossoms, are among the most popular stems to style for fall décor.

While this plant actually blooms in the spring, the vibrant stems perfectly match many autumn themes. They add a burst of contrasting color when paired with deeper autumn shades, creating a striking visual effect.

To style with forsythia branches, arrange them in tall vases or mix them with other fall stems for a harmonious blend of colors and textures. Forsythia branches make delightful centerpieces.

The best fall flowers for home decor, including forsythia stems with flowers. | Afloral

4. Nandina Leaf Branches

Nandina leaf branches ranches, also known as heavenly bamboo, offer a touch of elegance with warm fall hues.

These branches bring a sense of autumn's bounty into your home, making them an excellent choice for fall decorating.

Use nandina leaf branches in centerpieces or as standalone décor pieces. They provide a pop of color and a sense of abundance, making them a versatile option for styling your indoor spaces.

Nandina leaf branches for fall styling. | Afloral

5. Plum Branches

Plum branches, with their deep purple leaves, exude a romantic and graceful aura.

While plum stems are often associated with spring, they can be used creatively in fall décor to add a touch of whimsy and softness within the fall color palette.

To style with plum branches, incorporate them into elegant arrangements or create simple yet eye-catching table centerpieces. Their unique charm lies in their ability to introduce a sense of delicacy amid the richness of fall.

The best fall foliage for home decor includes plum stems. | Afloral

6. Oak Leaf Branches

Oak leaf branches capture the rustic charm of autumn with their distinctive lobed leaves.

These branches are excellent choices for bringing a touch of nature indoors. They're particularly popular for creating wreaths and garlands that celebrate the fall season.

To style with oak leaf branches, intertwine them with other fall stems, such as forsythia or plum branches, to create visually appealing compositions that showcase the essence of the season.

Oak stems compliment the best fall flowers for interior decor. | Afloral

7. Chestnut Branches

Chestnut branches offer a unique and textured appearance that adds elegance to your fall décor.

The burgundy rounded leaves and slender stems bring an element of natural beauty into your home as if plucked directly from the forest.

Use chestnut branches in tall vases as standalone décor pieces or incorporate them into larger arrangements to infuse your space with an autumnal touch that combines rustic and sophisticated elements.

Chestnut stems are wonderful for fall interior decor. | Afloral

The Best Late Blooming Fall Flowers

There’s a special feeling that comes with selecting live flowers from your own backyard. Consider these late blooming flowers for your garden at home to have a lively selection of fresh cuts when decorating for fall.

1. Coneflowers

Coneflowers, also known as echinacea, are beloved for their late-season blooms and vibrant hues.

These perennial beauties continue to flower well into the fall, making them an excellent choice for both your garden and indoor décor.

Include coneflowers in your fall décor by placing fresh blooms in vases or drying them for long-lasting arrangements. Their cheerful colors and spiky centers add a playful element to your fall-themed spaces.

Try coneflower for cutting your own fall florals. | Afloral

2. Aster

Asters are another late-blooming perennial that graces gardens with a symphony of colors in the fall.

These daisy-like flowers have sturdy stems, perfect for placing in vases. They come in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white, providing a diverse range of options when paired with indoors themes.

Incorporate asters into your fall décor by arranging them in mixed bouquets or showcasing them as standalone centerpieces. Their delicate petals and intricate centers add a touch of elegance to your home.

Try aster for your own fall flower beds. | Afloral

3. Russian Sage

Russian sage, with its wispy lavender-blue blooms and silvery foliage, is a favorite late-blooming perennial among garden enthusiasts.

This fragrant and airy plant can be a delightful addition to your fall decorating efforts, adding a vibrant texture to your autumn theme.

Integrate Russian sage into your indoor décor by placing cuttings in vases or using them to create wreaths and garlands. Their graceful appearance and soothing fragrance evoke a sense of tranquility that complements the cozy ambiance of autumn.

Russian sage is excellent for both flower beds and interior fall floral arrangements. | Afloral

Fall Flowers with Afloral

When inviting the cozy atmosphere of fall into your home, consider taking a look at our Fall Foliage Collection.

Whether you choose artificial flowers like billy buttons, stunning stems such as forsythia, or showcase garden favorites like Russian sage, the options are abundant to infuse your indoor spaces with the beauty of the season. Embrace the colors, textures, and fragrances of fall, and let your creativity bloom as you adorn your home with these exquisite fall flowers and stems.

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