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How to Fill a Planter with Outdoor Artificial Plants and Flowers

No green thumb? We get it! This is exactly why we created the most realistic artificial outdoor plants you can buy. Whether you’re planting an artificial hanging basket, replacing a dead plant with a fake one, or landscaping with no-maintenance alternatives - faux is the way to go! Follow along to learn a few simple ways to style your planters with outdoor artificial plants and flowers.

How to Fill an Outdoor Planter with Artificial Flowers

Planting Fake Plants Outside

The easiest method for planting artificial plants outdoors is to place the anchor stem directly into the soil as if you were planting a real plant. If you’re worried the plant could blow away, fasten the anchor stem to a small ball of chicken wire before planting; this will hold the fake plant in place in case of high winds. Finally, extend the color of your outdoor artificial plants with a clear coat of UV protectant spray.

How to Fill an Outdoor Planter with Artificial Plants

How to Plant Fake Plants in a Planter

First, add a layer of soil to your planter.

Next, plant your fake plant as though you were planting a real one. Add soil around the anchor stem and pack tightly to secure.

If your planter sits in a high wind area, secure your fake plant with whatever you have on hand (zip ties, twist ties, string, etc.) to a chicken wire ball. If you’re planting in a shallow pot with drainage holes, you can also secure your outdoor artificial plant directly to the planter by looping a zip tie through the drainage hole.

Then plant as you would a real plant, adding soil for a natural look. Bend the stems and fluff the floral heads to create a natural look. Finally, spray a clear coat of UV protectant. 

How to Fill an Outdoor Planter with Artificial Flowers

How to Plant an Artificial Hanging Basket

First, remove any old or dead plants from your basket. If starting with an empty basket, fill ⅓ with soil.

Next, plant your artificial flowers and outdoor fake plants directly into the soil. Bend the leaves to look natural, and drape over the side. Choose artificial hanging plants for a cascading look.

Continue planting your outdoor artificial flowers in the basket until it looks full. To secure your florals, twist tie a few stems to the basket. Complete the look with a coat of UV spray.

How to Fill an Outdoor Planter with Artificial Flowers

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