How to Make Fake Plants Look Real

How to Make Fake Plants Look Real

Are you a self-proclaimed houseplant killer? Does your space lack light? Or are you just over trying to balance it all and keep your plants pleased? We're right there with you. Thankfully, artificial plants have come a long way, and it's never been easier to make a fake plant look real. Follow along below for our tips + tricks on buying, planting, and keeping your artificial plants looking like the real deal.

Choose High-Quality Fake Plants

A high-quality fake plant can be expensive, but if you're planning to keep it for several seasons, it's worth the investment. First, compare it to images of the real thing. Look for natural details, wired stems and leaves that can bend into organic lines, and coloring that matches the original. Choose plastic or a foam blend when possible.

How to Pot Fake Plants

For fake plants with an anchor stem, add real soil to a pot and place the artificial plant inside as though you were planting a live plant. Continue covering the anchor stem with soil until your planter is full. Finally, bend and fluff the stems and leaves to create a natural look.

How to Pot Fake Plants

How to Pot Fake Plants for Outdoors

For outdoor artificial plants or fake plants that need a more secure planting option (windy location) fasten your anchor stem to a chicken wire ball. Once your artificial plant is securely nestled in the chicken wire ball, fill the planter with real soil.

How to Plant Fake Plants for Outdoors

How to Keep Fake Plants from Fading

When styling your fake plant next to a window or outdoors, give it an extra coat of protection with UV Spray. Due to the elements, fake plants will eventually begin to fade, this clear coat will add longevity and help prevent fading and discoloration. 

How to Stop Fake Plants from Fading

How to Style Fake Plants

The best way to make a fake plant look natural is to play with it. Bend, fluff, and manipulate its leaves and branches to create organic lines that mimic the real deal. Then, compare your plant to imagery of a live version for reference.

Still not sure how to pot your fake plant? Follow along with our tutorial.

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