Lush and Vibrant Outdoor Spaces with Artificial Plants

Lush and Vibrant Outdoor Spaces with Artificial Plants

Many of us dream of a gorgeously manicured lawn, well-tended plants, beautiful blooms and grasses along winding walkways, or a condo balcony filled with greenery that brings serenity and joy. Whether you just signed the papers on your dream home, moved into your first apartment, or have been living in a space for years—if you are looking to spruce up any outdoor space but do not have the time or talent for it, what do you do?

If you've tried and failed to take care of living plants, we know how demanding and time intensive it can be—and how discouraging it can be when things go wrong. We love what we do here because fake outdoor plants and dried plants take the hassle away from watering, fertilizer, weeding, ph balance, worried about fungus and bugs, and so much more.

Create a beautiful outdoor space, from walkways to condo balconies to choosing planters and boxes to create a gorgeous, harmonious outdoor space.

Why Fake Plants?

UV-treated outdoor fake plants created by Afloral are beautiful, breathtaking, life-like plants specifically crafted to withstand fading and cracking for many years. The benefits are many, such as gorgeous life-like artificial plants that stay green all year round without worrying about the season, no need to waste water, always in season, no need to weed or prune, and pollen and allergen-free, for example.

If you're curious about UV-coated outdoor plants, please check out our in-depth article: Why You'll Love UV-Treated Outdoor and Indoor Artificial Plants, here.


Outdoor Porch Artificial Plants

What Sort of Dried Plants Work Best For Canopied Outside Décor?

  • Grasses and herbs. Plants like Indian rice grass, pearl millet grass, pampas grass, naturally dried lavender, and reed grass, for example. Dried grasses, especially, are beautiful accents and look fantastic in covered baskets or window boxes.

  • Fruits and Berries. White natural dried tallow or other dried and preserved berries can add color to swags or outdoor baskets.

  • Flowers. Dried flowers are perfect for accenting outdoor wreaths, window boxes, large plants, or even arrangements in large vases or baskets.

Borders or Walkways

We love framing beautiful art and unique photos; our gorgeous outdoor spaces deserve a stunning frame. Faux flowers and ornamental grasses can give a lawn much-needed definition or add a put-together, well-designed look to any walkway. Florals, grasses, and shrubs soften the look of hardscapes such as walls, walkways, fences, and even the edges of your driveway.

Rigid, straight, long lines and perfect symmetry in nature tend to stand out much more, making an organic area feel or seem off-putting. To break these lines up and create a more natural-looking shape with distinctive silhouettes and texture, plant or grass borders create sinuous and graceful curves that make your garden, lawn, and yard much more appealing.

Woodland Pathways and Dappled Areas

If your landscaping uses more natural dirt or gravel pathways and has areas with trees that dapple your grass, consider using UV-protected Boston Fern plants. Mix these gloriously full ferns with beautiful Baby Schefflera to create instant visual interest and an instantly natural woodland ambiance to your dirt and gravel pathways or walkways.

Outdoor Yucca Plant

Bold Statements

Do you prefer color? Or do you have stone and cement walkways with less shade or no dappled spaces? Head-turning, vibrant UV-protected Geraniums in brilliant red might be what you're looking for. Should you prefer something softer but no less beautiful in color, faux flowers or silk Azaleas are another attractive option too. Ensure to utilize UV-treated fake florals, or consider purchasing a UV protectant spray to make their vibrant colors last for years outside.

Apartment or Condo Balconies

Your apartment or condo balcony is a beautiful décor opportunity, and not only does a seat and a table heighten the entire atmosphere—so do plants! With artificial plants, blooms, and grasses, you can create privacy and dull noise and help imitate nature in the space without the difficulty of watering and more.

Our floral experts' tips and tricks for getting the perfect balcony:

  • Depending on how much space you have to work with, a smaller tabletop plant may be all you need, and that simplistic elegance is fine. A touch of greenery can quickly transform a tiny space.

  • If you have room for more extensive potted plants, like a verdant bunch of UV-protected Potted Grass and Snake plants, or even a potted Japonicus Tree, consider how to balance keeping your balcony's view while arranging the larger potted plant. You'll no doubt want to ensure you don't block the view, so consider placing a larger potted plant against the building or the left or right sides of the balcony railing or border.

  • You'll want an excellent outdoor pot or planter for your faux balcony plants. Choose a planter or pot with enough weight to hold your plant in place and withstand rain, wind, and weather conditions. Concrete and terra cotta vases make for the perfect outdoor plant containers due to their hardiness and weight—just enough to keep your plants from being tossed around but still lightweight enough to move them.

  • Use dried and preserved grasses or florals for a genuine touch when filling up your planters.

Window Boxes

Some still believe artificial florals inside or outside the home are incredibly tacky, and we understand where that comes from. Unfortunately, questionable-quality artificial flowers made without care for detail are still in circulation. However, it's enough to change old viewpoints when you decorate with artificial plants and flowers made by a company that genuinely cares about all the small details, from ensuring they appear as life-like as possible.
Whether you struggle with having a green thumb or don't have time, artificial plants and faux blooms for a window box are ideal.

How to Make Them Look Real

  • Ensure you purchase faux plants and flowers from a trusted company known for their exceptionally life-like artificials. Faux plants with neon-lime green leaves or colors that do not mimic the natural plants' shade are easy to spot and stick out as obviously fake.

  • Always use UV-coated or UV-protected plants to avoid sun damage and keep them looking vivid. You can purchase a spray-on UV protectant if the plant you want isn't UV-coated or protected.

  • Use Agra-Wool or dried Angel Vine on top of your chosen window box filler to arrange your faux plants.

  • For a lush window box that appears to have been growing for years, consider using full artificial flowers like Snowballs, Hydrangeas, Geraniums, and Azaleas. Choose these full blooms as the main base of your arrangement.

  • Add a touch of realism by tucking a few pieces of preserved, dried grasses.

  • For fillers, choose a gorgeous outdoor Boxwood, and for visual interest, consider hanging vines such as a Hanging Philodendron Bush or Pothos.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different heights and arrange the leaves of any artificial plant until it feels right to you. A breathtaking outdoor space is more accessible and easier than ever, thanks to artificial plants and flowers. And if you're looking for more inspiration and tips and tricks, please follow us on Pinterest, Instagram (#afloral), Tik Tok, and Youtube.

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Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.