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Artificial flowers have become increasingly popular due to their longevity, low maintenance, and variety. Afloral's fake flowers are premium quality that look real and are easy to style.

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Daily Care for Artificial Flowers and Plants

Caring for your artificial flowers
and plants is not nearly as time consuming as live plants. To keep
these botanical arrangements appearing the same each day, follow our
general tips.

Keep Away from Direct Sunlight: Keep
your artificial plants and flowers away from direct sunlight as this
can cause color distortion unless they are coated for UV-protection.

Dust Occasionally:
If your artificial plants are in high-traffic areas of the home or in a
room with a fireplace, they may need occasional dusting. 

Check for Damage:
Check in on your artificial arrangements and watch for damage, such as a
fallen leaf, bent petal, or out-of-place stem. Fixing minor damage is
usually very quick, easy, and seamless.

All Artificial Flowers
Floral designs, centerpieces, and bouquets start with premium, sustainable fake flowers. All Afloral artificial flowers are sourced from ethical manufacturers, domestically and abroad. We strive to partner with vendors who use recycled fabric, wire, and bio-mass plastics when possible. For more information on our silk flowers, please visit our sustainability page.